It’s said that the devil is in the details, which is why flawless production and high quality materials have enormous significance in business. We always bear this in mind when designing our printed, promotional gadgets. Using modern covers from the new Roma and Palermo lines, we can get the highest quality notebooks and advertising diaries.

The Roma cover material is a perfect choice for brands who have strong, intense colours in their DNA. Roma is available in a wide range of bright colours – as many as 14, from which every brand can choose the one they like best. Covers made of this material have a matt finish and are smooth to the touch. They’re also very durable, and resistant to dirt, scratching and fingermarks. Roma material is very thin, perfect for the production of flexi covers – thin, semiflexible covers.

A notebook cover made using Palermo attracts attention due to it’s unusual structure, which has a 3D effect. It’s modern and extremely durable. The main feature of this cover is it’s heat-sensitivity, making embossed elements stand out clearly and attractively. This cover is available in 7 classic colours, two of them – navy and anthracite, are available in matt and metallic versions. Palermo is perfect for the production of soft as well as hard covers.

Both cover materials used for the production of a corporate Mindnotes® notebook or diary, while very distinct, emphasise a brand’s premium character. Roma and Palermo bring you joy in daily use, and also during business meetings.