Possibilities of personalizing our business materials with colorful individual designs are still growing! You can choose from broad range of cover materials, formats, sizes, colors and textures, you can also put your own embellishments to the sides – not only classic notebooks… but also other our products.

From now on, it is possible to print on the edges and increase the advertising space of many of our products, including sticky notes, sticky notes cubes PM016, and even sticky notes sets such as PM100 or PM135!

Take advantage of what is usually forgotten and make it work for you. You can print photos, logos, graphics, letters, whatever you only wish. The sky is the limit. You can easily transform classic sticky note cubes into branded materials that spread the word about your brand and create its unique world. Imagine each side of cube is a different chapter – you can use them to tell your story.

Your business and office materials can now be as unique as you and your company. Contact us to know all the details about printing on the sides. Stand out and be remembered!