Changes were the essence of the previous year. In 2018, we worked hard to reinforce the new image of the company, and we introduced a number of changes to our product portfolio. What achievements can we be proud of? Read our subjective summary of 2018.

Not just sticky notes

Mindnotes is our youngest child and brand, and we’re constantly supporting its development. In 2018, we implemented new technological solutions by introducing work automation in fields that until now were executed manually. We enhanced our bookbinding workshop with a new device that makes it possible to automatically fold and insert envelopes into notebooks. This let us significantly lower the costs of assembly and also increased efficiency. The Mindnotes brand was acknowledged and appreciated by our clients – its contribution to sales in 2018 was 30%. PromoNotes, which until now was recognised in the industry as an acknowledged producer of promotional paper articles, though primarily as a supplier of customised sticky notes, has also become a leading manufacturer of notebooks.

We are visible

Speaking of image, our new website was launched last year in October. Almost everything was changed compared to the previous one – we’ve already given a comprehensive description of the new site in this article. One of the most broadly-commented novelties was the 3D product configurator that allows our clients to design and visualise the ordered product online. Apart from that, we’ve also launched our profiles in social media, which are systematically increasing their reach. By the end of the previous year, we’ve broken the number of 2000 fans who follow our profiles. Here’s hoping this trend continues! Of particular interest among our fans are the reports from company and trade events, stories concerning the daily life at our company as well as presentations of new products. We have many things to show and we’ll continue doing it!


We had two spectacular releases in 2018 that we just couldn’t skip in our summary. These were the exclusive gold and silver cover materials in the Verona line and the metallic cover materials in the Milano line, which we presented to our clients for the first time at the turn of the year. We must also take a moment to mention the program we’ve developed for customising Mindnotes based on prefabricated blocks (the “simple-steps” program). This is a solution for clients who seek a quick and economical offer for customised notebooks. You can read more about the program in this article.

Concluded investments

A change important from the perspective of PromoNotes operations, but one which was unknown to our clients, was the expansion of our manufacturing and storage space. In the previous year, we successfully concluded an investment that doubled the usable area of the manufacturing and storage department in Suchy Las. We can proudly proclaim to have 4260 m2 of space that we hope to use in full in the coming years. And the best way to do it would be to fill up the warehouse with the results of projects finished in 2019.

Looking back, we can see that 2018 was a year of changes for the better.